We at PWeR, Inc. understand that change is inevitable and a necessary part of progress, not just in healthcare, but in all aspects of society. We are dedicated to redefining the interaction in healthcare between all stake holders. We believe patient-centric, interconnected, cloud-based solutions are fundamental. We trust that by listening to the needs and desires of our customers, employees and owners, it empowers us to create proficient and cost effective products which reflect that wellness is a top priority. We believe learning from the past,being in the present and looking toward the future will ensure success in all we do.


PWeR, Inc. seeks to develop productive, innovative and cost effective healthcare solutions through the integration of products, services, technology, and partnering with healthcare professionals. Our vision permits the healthcare professional to deliver highly personal, quality-focused healthcare services in a profitable manner. 


Provide leadership to our industry, our community and our employees; provide our patients with the products and services needed to ensure their wellness; and to ensure adherence to a high standard of corporate governance and ethics. 


PWeR® (Personal Wellness electronic RecordTM) is patient-centric and capable of receiving patient information from multiple sources. Our HIPAA compliant platform is hosted on a secure and reliable network that provides scalability and privacy. PWeR is an affordable, simple to use system that enables you to communicate and share patient information with ease. All medical information gathered by the members of the full patient care team (PCP, specialist, hospitals) is aggregated in one centralized and secure location, accessible whenever and wherever you need it – anywhere in the world.